With continuously growing virtual traffic demand, spectrum service is an optical network infrastructure resource. Spectrum as a service is the technique for managing and monetizing optical network resources in a future-proof way. Optical spectrum services can be shared in a fiber network just as in a mobile network.
We offer the best spectrum services for fast internet, Wi-Fi, and TV. Our technicians are available for the guidance of equipment install or self-install and other technical support. Spectrum customers can call 24*7 to get help.

Our Spectrum Services

Mainly, we provide Spectrum Internet Services, Spectrum TV Services, and Spectrum Wi-Fi Services. For more read further information:

Spectrum Internet Services

Spectrum offers high-speed internet service whose speed is up to 200Mbps and connects faster than another internet service. User and user’s family members can confidently stream media without buffering. Sign up with spectrum immediately to enjoy the high speed of Spectrum Internet. For the spectrum self-installation guide, follow the below instructions:

Connect Modem –

  • Connects the cable outlet and the modem with the coax cable.
  • Wait 2-3 minutes while the modem is connecting to the network. When it will connect, the online status light in the front of the modem will solid.

Now, connect the Ethernet cable to the modem, and the other end to the computer or the internet port on the back of the router.

Activate Modem Online –

  • Visit spectrum.net/selfinstall in your suitable device.
  • Click the Get Started option and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After activation is complete, create a username on Spectrum to manage your account and equipment.

Spectrum Wi-Fi Services

If you are facing issues in manage the Wi-Fi router. Our Spectrum Wi-Fi service can resolve your problem. Spectrum service provides high-performance Wi-Fi technology. In it, users will get clearer HD pictures, faster Internet speeds without data caps, and unlimited calling. With Spectrum Wi-Fi, you will get 24*7 customer support, setup services, testing of equipment, and many more.

Self-Install Steps of Spectrum Wi-Fi

Follow the steps below to install the Wi-Fi router self-installation kit:

  1. Attach the modem and the cable outlet with coax cable.
  2. After it, connect modem with the network.
  3. Now, connect Ethernet cable to your modem and Wi-Fi router’s internet port.
  4. Take your power cord and connect to the router and the cable outlet. A green light will indicate that your router is ready to use.
  5. Ensure that the power button is ON.
  6. Connect a wireless device to the wireless network. And go to your device’s wireless settings.Ensure that the power button is ON.
  7. Choose the SSID and enter the password given on the Wi-Fi router.

After you have self-installed your Wi-Fi router, change the Wi-Fi login name and password for security.

Spectrum TV Services

Spectrum TV is an online platform to view live programming, movies, videos, entertainment, news, sports, family, kids, and global events. There is so much for customers to stream with Spectrum TV. With this, you’ll have the greatest collection of HD channels which you can watch from any time anywhere. You can also access the Spectrum TV App. Using a web browser customers can watch on-demand content, TV guide listing, and other content.

Self-Install Guide for Spectrum Receiver with TV

Follow the below steps for self-installation of spectrum receiver with TV:

Connect the Spectrum Receiver -

  • Connect coax cable with the cable outlet, and then the other end to the receiver.
  • Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the receiver and the other end to the TV.
  • Connect the power cable to the receiver, and plug the other end into an electrical outlet.
  • Now, insert the batteries in the receiver’s remote.

Turn on the Spectrum Receiver -

  • Using the remote turn on the receiver.
  • Also, turn on your TV, and then select the correct HDMI source.

Activate the Receiver –

  • Visit spectrum.net/selfinstall in your suitable browser to activate your spectrum services.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After the successful activation, a welcome screen will be displayed on your TV.
  • Now, follow the on-screen prompts instructions to learn more about your new guide and TV service.

If self-installation of spectrum internet, Wi-Fi, or TV goes unsuccessful, don’t worry about it. Our Spectrum Technicians are always there for your help. They will assist you properly and resolve your all issues with Spectrum Services.